Courses and Modules:

What's the difference between a course and a module?
A Module is the part of the Course the customer buys. A module could be a single course day or a link to an online version of the course or the full course package.
How do I purchase a module?
The modules are listed on the course page. Click the one you want and then click the purchase button. You must be registered with the site to purchase a course module.


How do I purchase a place on a course?
The courses are divided into modules. A module can be anything from a single course day to the full course. Click on the purchase button to add your selected module to the cart.
Do I need to register to purchase a course?
Yes, we use your account to track your orders and keep your info secure. Only necessary cookies are stored on your device. Refer to our privacy policy for more details.
How do I access my account?
Click on this icon      on the main menu to view your order history.
How are payments handled?
We use Stripe to process our payments. All payments are handled by stripe and we do not see any of your payment details
I can't attend a course module I have purchased. What should I do?
Please contact your course tutor to arrange a refund.