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Stress Echocardiography Course

The course covers a wide range of topics including ischaemic, structural/valve (HCM, AS, MR, MS) and diastolic stress echo Includes both interactive lectures and read with the experts cases. 2 BSE points Awarded

Mon 22 Apr 2024

Stress Echocardiography Course Monday 22nd April 2024


2 BSE Points Awarded 


Faculty: Dr Guy Lloyd, Dr Sanjeev Bhattacharyya, Dr Kostas Savvatis, Dr Sveeta Badiani, Prof Riyaz Patel


08.30                  Registration                      

09.00                  Welcome & Introduction of faculty  


Session 1:     Stress Echo & Ischaemia

09.15                  Evidence base for ischaemia & viability testing   

09:45                  Stress protocols – exercise (treadmill, bicycle, dobutamine, pacing,   dipyridamole)   

10:00                  Contrast In Stress Echo   

10.15                  Diastolic Stress Echo       


10:30                  Coffee


Session 2:      Stress Echo & Structural Heart Disease

 11.00                  Aortic Stenosis: Low flow, Low gradient  

 11.30                  Mitral Stenosis   

 11.45                  Mitral Regurgitation 

 12.00                  HCM   


12.30                   Lunch


Session 3:      Read with the experts 

13.30                   Ischaemia Cases (10 -12 cases)


14:30                   Coffee


Session 4:      Read with the experts

15:00                   Structural Heart & Valve Cases (10 – 12 cases)


16.00                   Feedback & Close





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Two East Poultry Ave, Smithfield, London