NCL MRI Implant Safety Workshop 2024 image

NCL MRI Implant Safety Workshop 2024

A workshop aimed at exploring the theory and practice of assessing implant safety for MRI scans.

Tue 02 Jul 2024

The workshop will be split over 3 parts.  

In the first session, there will be lectures on the theoretical and practical aspects of assessing implant safety, and on applying this knowledge in practice.  

The second session will see the attendees split into small groups to consider examples of implant requests and to prepare responses to these.  The focus of this second session will be on the assessment of information and decision-making.  Answers to these examples will be worked through with the wider group, with attendees encouraged to present and explain their reasoning.

The final session will be an open question/answer and discussion session.  Attendees will be encouraged to bring their questions to the workshop to discuss in this session.  The organizers will prepare some topics to initiate and encourage this discussion if required, but the focus will be on attendees raising their own queries and reflecting on the content of the workshop. 


1st Floor West
UCLH Education Centre
250 Euston Road, London