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UCLH Charity is the official charity of University College London Hospitals (UCLH) NHS Foundation Trust, making a difference to patients, staff and research. We support the booking and payments system for a wide range of courses which are managed by individual departments and the education team at UCLH. For information about the courses, please contact the people listed in the course information.

If you would like to find out more about UCLH Charity, please visit our website at www.uclhcharity.org.uk/

UCL Introduction to anaesthesia 2024 card image


UCL Introduction to anaesthesia 2024

From: Sat 13 Jul 2024 To: Sat 13 Jul 2024

We're open for this now!

UCLH General Paediatric & Adolescent Symposium card image


UCLH General Paediatric & Adolescent Symposium

From: Tue 02 Jul 2024 To: Tue 02 Jul 2024

A series of lectures and case based discussions on what's new in general paediatric and adolescent practice

Bayley 4 card image


Bayley 4

From: Thu 03 Oct 2024 To: Fri 04 Oct 2024

This is an accredited intensive introductory two-day workshop on the new Bayley 4, which assesses developmental functioning for infants and young children aged from 1 month to 42 months.

Ei SMART for Neonatologists and Paediatricians card image


Ei SMART for Neonatologists and Paediatricians

From: Tue 15 Oct 2024 To: Tue 15 Oct 2024

Ei SMART for Neonatologists and Paediatricians: Integrate early intervention and anticipatory guidance to your Neurodevelopmental follow up clinics for high-risk infants. Learn how to support parents and advance young children’s developmental skills using the Ei SMART framework during your consultation. The content of this study day is aimed specifically at neonatologists and paediatricians who are involved in the neurodevelopmental assessment of high-risk infants in follow up clinics. If you would like to enhance your ability to provide developmental support and anticipatory guidance to parents to promote optimal child development, then this training is for you. You will gain insight into how to support and guide parents with their infant’s developmental process as part of your multi-disciplinary follow up team or until additional and specialised services are available. You will learn how to provide targeted early intervention focusing on everyday activities which are understandable for parents and their infants, based on commonly seen developmental challenges in the first 2 years.

Vascular Neurosurgery Course 2024 card image


Vascular Neurosurgery Course 2024

From: Sat 22 Jun 2024 To: Sat 22 Jun 2024

Don’t miss this fantastic full-day course featuring a comprehensive programme of talks and practical stations dedicated to vascular neurosurgery!