Intrapartum Acupuncture 29/09/18

Upon completion of this intensive one-day training course, delegates will be fully equipped to provide Western medical acupuncture for labouring women. This course meets the minimum acupuncture training requirement for the NHS intrapartum acupuncture services at University College Hospital, West Middlesex University Hospital and Royal Bolton Hospital. In 2013, UCLH became the first UK hospital to introduce acupuncture as a routine method of pain relief in labour. Since then over 200 midwives, obstetricians and anaesthetists have been trained to integrate acupuncture into their clinical practice.

Course content:
- Neurophysiological basis of pain and acupuncture analgesia
- Evidence base for use of acupuncture in labour and delivery
- Principles of safe practice in Western medical acupuncture
- Direct supervision of needling at key acupuncture points
- Introduction to antenatal applications of acupuncture

To register on this course you must be a registered midwife or doctor, final-year midwifery student or 4th/5th year medical student. Other health care professionals may be eligible but should enquire first.

Endorsed by the British Medical Acupuncture Society (BMAS)

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Intrapartum Acupuncture 29/09/18

Intrapartum Acupuncture 29/09/18

One-day intensive training course, to provide Western medical acupuncture for labouring women.

09:00 - 17:00
Intrapartum Acupuncture 29/09/18

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Course Details

Tutor: Elaine Cheung
Contact: Elaine Cheung
Tel: 07887590925
North Middlesex University Hospital
Rotunda Meeting Room, First Floor
Sterling Way
N18 1QX