SUCCESS is excited to welcome you to the booking page of its first ever annual conference for survivors, by survivors, to survivors. It is a stepping stone in raising awareness of SUCCESS and its objectives and an event we plan to film for our website. We hope you will join us to launch our new charity and make this event the success it deserves to be. The attachments below provide further information on the conference, how to book and who should attend.

Preparing for Adult Transition and its Challenges
It is aimed at those survivors aged 15+ years, their parents/carers and also carers of younger children. Whilst we would accommodate younger patients and/or siblings, we stress this event is not geared to their needs and we have no crèche facility.
The conference will focus on the following:
- Connecting survivors and their families in the only national conference dedicated to childhood brain tumour survivors
- A themed open Q&A panel discussion run by young adult Survivors on issues that are important to them
- A number of parallel optional workshops run by medical and allied professionals, with an emphasis on finding practical solutions to different challenges geared to enabling a better quality of life in adulthood
- Identifying unmet needs to bridge gaps in future service development for young adult survivors

The cost of the conference is £10 per person attending and all proceeds will be used to contribute towards the total cost of the event. Please note the conference is limited to 1 survivor and up to 2 parents/carers (maximum of 3 tickets in total). Please note when booking you will need to create an account (this can be used for future bookings through this site), when asked for the hospital address please repeat your own address and then when asked for your experience level please select other.

We are also grateful to our sponsors for their independent financial support of this endeavor, and thankful for the help and support of professionals and volunteers that have worked to make the conference happen.

We would like to refer you to the following atachments prior to completing your booking
PDF 1 Welcome Letter from Dr Helen Spoudeas
PDF 2 Conference details and timetable
PDF 3 Consent form – we will be taking photos at this event that we may use in future to promote our work, on and offline. We do not include names without specific permission. By coming to the conference, you are agreeing to the consent form attached. Please let us know at registration on the day if you do not want us to include you/your family in photos.
PDF 4 Workshop draft working document - this summaries the workshops available. You will be able to book yourself on up to 4 workshops. Please think carefully about which you would like to attend and would be most suitable for you. After booking you will receive an email with further information about how to book your chosen workshops.

Please note participation is by pre-registration only.

PDF icon PDF 1: SUCCESS Conference Welcome Letter116.48 KB
PDF icon PDF 2: SUCCESS Conference Timetable227.24 KB
PDF icon PDF 3: SUCCESS Conference Media Consent Form248.17 KB
PDF icon PDF 4: SUCCESS Workshop Draft Working Document85.6 KB

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SUCCESS National Conference

10:30 - 17:30

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Course Details

Tutor: Dr Spoudeas/SUCCESS Volunteers
Contact: SUCCESS
Tel: 020 3447 5072
Email: info@successcharity.org
The UCH Education Centre
1st Floor West
250 Euston Road